Meet Mrs. Need

Angel Aguilar, Staff

Where did you graduate from? 

-Purdue University and Indiana Wesleyan for my masters

Do you sponsor any clubs or coaches? 

-Roadies Sponsor, Varsity coach for both Volleyball and Girls Tennis

Anything you want to mention from high school? sports, clubs, records, awards

-Played 3 sports in high school. Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis

Why did you become a teacher?

-an excuse to buy as much office supplies as I want

How long have you been teaching and how long at Twin Lakes?

-in the middle of my 17th year at Twin Lakes

What does your perfect weekend look like?

-Reading a book while someone else is doing my laundry.

List of hobbies if any?


Favorite Teams?


Favorite Treats?

-dove chocolate

Favorite type of music – favorite songs or musicians?

-whatever is on 96.5