A Look at PULSE Club!


Eric Santiago

This poster is the poster that The PULSE Club currently has. It represents their club.

Eric Santiago, Staff

What is PULSE Club or what does it stand for? PULSE stands for Positive United Latinos in Service and Education. The club was made by Latino students at Twin Lakes High School to help students feel at home. Although it was created to help the Latino population , Pulse club isn’t just for Latino students but for everyone that needs help in deciding what to do after high school. <br>

Mrs. Manahan is the sponsor for the club. When we asked her what she thought PULSE Club meant to her she responded with “I see it as another family trying to stay positive and trying to help others. It’s also nice seeing how older students spread the word about PULSE to the younger students.” <br>

We also asked student and PULSE Club President Brian Barrera what his thoughts on PULSE Club were and he responded “I enjoy being a part of PULSE because it has given me a way to connect with the Latino community within this school. It has also helped me explore my college options.” Currently PULSE is having a competition within its members. The PULSE members have to come up with a creative poster to represent the club as the current one is becoming old. The poster with the most votes win.


Brian Barrera, PULSE Club President, smiling for a picture. (Eric Santiago)