When in Need

Senior Jaylen Roush found out last Thursday that his former teacher Mrs. Need had been diagnosed with breast cancer. In his words his “heart sank” when he found out and was devastated.  The next day he went down to Mrs. Needs room and acted like everything was fine, and she did mention it to him. So Jaylen decided to start a go fund me for her to help out and show her how much he is appreciative of her. He had the help of Noah Johnston, Kiara Johnston, Kahari Jackson, and Sydney McCall. Jaylen wanted it to be a secret and hand her the check, but once it got shared everywhere, she found out.

Jaden Franceschina

Mrs. Need was very grateful and just let it happen. Jaylen just wanted to show how thankful he was to her, and know that he has her back. In his words, “She has always made us feel appreciated, so we had to pay her back.” Noah Johnston distributed some fliers out around town, and had this to say, “We do appreciate what she does for our school, and we just want to help out as much as possible.” 

Local Lafayette News Station, WLFI TV 18 came to interview our students about the effort they are making to help alleviate some of the medical expenses faced by the Need family. Emma Need, daughter of Mrs. Need, was also very thankful and grateful for what everyone has done for her mother. Her words were, “It was really hard on me and hurt really bad when I heard about it, but I feel better knowing she’s cared about and she will get through it.” Everyone loves Mrs. Need, and everyone will be here for her as she fights hard.