2020 Fall Sports Program


2020 Fall Sports Seniors

The 2020 Fall Sports Program is complete. Business students in Marketing, Graphic Design, and Administrative Office Management collaborated on the 28 page book. They were led by the Fall Sports Program Editor, Sheyla Covarrubias who did an outstanding job in spite of the multiple student quarantines and Covid school closure. Sophomore Graphic Design student, Liam Sternfeldt created the cover this year.

Students used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create the book. Skills put to the test were photography, design, time management, communications, organization, writing, and editing. Our students once again exceeded our expectations. We  are very proud of the Fall Sports Program designed and produced by the students of Twin Lakes High School Business classes. We also want to thank Hoosier Media and the local community for their continued support of our program.