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September 9, 2020

Sunny Days

Senior Jenna Swaim enjoys spending her elearning days outside in the sun working on her school work. Swaim expresses, “E-learning is going fine for me, but I definitely prefer being at school rather than doing my work online.”

Quarantine Adventures

Junior’s Brooklynn Dillinger and Blayze Woods spent most of their time during e-learning going to new places as well as enjoying their time together. “After I finish my e-learning for the day, I usually enjoy the rest of the day with my family and boyfriend.” said Dillinger, “But even though I would rather be at school with everyone, e-learning has also helped me build stronger bonds between some of the people I love, and it’s been nice to have more time to focus on that.”

Missin’ School

Sophomore Emileigh Lucas would rather be learning at school, but when she can’t she enjoys her time with her family at home. Lucas expresses, “E-learning has been very stressful, but I’m glad that I am safe in my house and can have a break from everything going on.” Lucas continues to say, “Honestly, I don’t like doing distance learning and would rather work in school ready to answer questions, but I can’t wait to come back to school and see everyone!”

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