Twin Lakes Hires New Varsity Volleyball Coach

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Sadie Gritten, Staff

The Twin Lakes Girls Volleyball Team is getting a new coach for the 2020-2021 season. For the incoming seniors it is pretty hard to let go of Coach Stephanie Thompson because she’s been coaching most of us since we were little. She was a super tough coach who always wanted to make us better and pushed us to do so. Thompson has decided to not coach this year due to her daughter, Ayanna Thompson, going to college to play volleyball. She wants to make sure she can support Ayanna at all her games which is completely understandable. We’re going to miss her.

Our new coach is going to be Linnea Rohrsen. She played at Purdue in the Big Ten Women’s Tournament. She’s been playing for sixteen years, so she will definitely be very experienced and a great replacement for our season. We have not been able to meet Coach Rohrsen yet due to Covid-19, but hopefully in July we will be able to get our season rolling and start getting to know her as well as her to know all of us.

So far, we have only had contact with her through text. All of the incoming seniors were put in a group message and each gave a little summary about themselves. Soon, we are going to start Zoom meetings to discuss spirit wear, workouts, practices and conditioning. Coach Rohrsen already seems super nice and I can not wait to start getting to know her more in person and working with her on volleyball skills!

To get to know Coach Rohrsen a little better you can check out her Purdue interview.