New Experiences for Students Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Max Yoder

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Veterans Day Program
November 15, 2019

Every Thursday after school, the eccentric DnD club meetup to play their campaign. They grab their dice and roll out at the Monticello Public Library. The game they play is a perfect mix of intense and chaotic, to the point it is fun. Like Mercedes Macenelly says, “The players just roll with it.” Since most of the players are playing for the first time they find new encounters each session. While the players revel in the chaos the Dungeon Masters are keeping the story from derailing.

This club does one big thing, it gives people a new experience. The new players are learning the game, and they are having a blast. The Dungeon Masters see these new players as a student who needs to learn, one way or another. Not to mention they are new to being the dungeon master If there is one thing certain, the fun never stops. Kyle states that” Even though some of us have played and others have not, we still kick butt.”