Shining Light on Mental Health

Brandt Minnicus, Staff

On Sunday, September 22, Pine View Golf Course hosted their annual Out of the Darkness Walk to raise awareness for suicide prevention and the elimination of mental health stigmas. This walk has been a part of the Pine View tradition for six years now, and it is a great way to bring awareness to mental illness and suicide prevention. 

At the event, several Twin Lakes student volunteers made a speech about mental health and the different reasons why we need to shine light on it. These students discussed different struggles that people face every day, whether they be dealing with mental health issues themselves, or they know of someone that suffers. After the speeches, the participants lined up and the walk began. The walk circled around the golf course, and the participants all walked five laps.

The funds from the walk were donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which helped host the event. In addition to the entry fees for the participants, there were also different booths set up to purchase t-shirts, hats, pins, bracelets, and more that help raise awareness for suicide prevention, as well as food vendors provided by Blue Moose. The walk was very successful, for more than $11,000 was raised for the AFSP. Overall, the walk was very successful and there was a large turnout, and it was great to see numerous Twin Lakes students helping to shine light on mental health.